Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Evangenitals Holiday Bundle Sale!

Happy December from the Evangenitals!

Ahh December! The holiday spirit (and shopping urge) is upon us. Personally, in honor of Reverend Billy Talen, I'm trying to buy as little as possible this year (get ready for homemade gifts, people!!!) However, there is one gift that keeps on giving that I can stand by... and that's the gift of the Evangenitals! And heck... Evangenitals gifts ARE homemade! :-)

In an effort to spread the love loud and proud throughout the universe, I've put together a special package for Evangenitals fans: The Evangenitals XXXmas Bundle!  It's a ridiculous deal, and super cute to boot.

Here's what you get:
  • 1 copy of the Evangenitals EP
  • 1 copy of the Everlovin' album
  • 1 T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
  • 1 autographed gig poster
  • Stickers
and as a special BONUS item...
  • the ultra-rare, homemade, handmade Evangina album "Peas"

The total value of this is priceless... but we're shipping it all out GIFTWRAPPED and with a personalized HOLIDAY CARD for the low, low, ridiculously awesome price of $49.99!

And here's the part where you wet your pants... that INCLUDES the shipping charge (*in the US)!!!!

(If you want to ship in outside of the US, you'll need to throw in a few extra bucks...)

So, to review, you get TWO Evangenitals CD's, a t-shirt, poster, stickers, bonus Evangina album, GIFT WRAPPED, and a card for $49.99 INCLUDING SHIPPING.

We've gone mad! Mad I tell you!

This is a time-limited offer. Cut off date to get these out in time for Christmas (if that's what your aiming for) is Friday December 17th. If you want it for the New Year.... have at it! We'll keep sending 'em out until the 1st of the year. :-)

To purchase, you can use the following methods:

Send $49.99 to

***For all orders, please specify:
  • MESSAGE that you want on the card.

Or use the PayPal button on our "Store" page here:

Visit the full "store" on the Evangenitals blog, here:

If you prefer sending a check or money order, you can send it to:

The Evangenitals
PO Box 70318
Pasadena, CA 91107

Just make sure it gets here in time for shipping out your goodies! 

And of course you can just email me with any questions, special requests, etc. We're here for you.


Always, Eternal,
Juli & the Evangenitals

On Saturday Dec 4th Juli & Lisa of the Evangenitals (and special guests) will be participating in the annual "Christmas with Bessie" tribute to Bessie Smith at HM 157 in Los Angeles. We'll be interpreting 2 songs by the incredible Bessie, along with a host of other talented folks paying tribute to this remarkable songwriter. Come 'n get the spirit!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - Have some free songs on us!

Oh sweet world, glorious day. Oh beautiful, awesome YOU!

Thank you thank you thank you for being a friend and fan of The Evangenitals.

In an effort to show a smidgen of our ridiculously rampant gratitude for your spiritual and sensual support of our music mayhem, I have added a couple more tracks to our profile at ReverbNation that are FREE! Free to be downloaded and enjoyed for many, many Thanksgivings to come by our loyal and wondrous mailing list members. That could be you!

Go here and get your goodies!

Truly, honestly, deeply, and passionately.... THANK YOU for helping us to do what we love. This whole thing wouldn't work without you. You give us the strength, faith, and frenzy to climb mountains, sail the seas, fly through the air, and keep on keeping on doing this crazy little thing called sonic love.

Much love,
Juli & the Evangenitals

Can't get enough of that Evangenitals stuff?

Check out our recently updated and improved website:

And our totally revamped Myspace page:

And the ever-updating Facebook action:

And I admittedly haven't really gotten the hang of Twitter yet, but hell, we have it:

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Proud to be an Evangenital

Hello beautiful soul.

As parts of our dear US and World populations seemingly spiral into a crazed muck of extremism, hatred, and fear... I realize that the act of being in an all-love, all-loving, good time gang called the EVANGENITALS becomes more and more of a passionate political statement.

We the Evangenitals have, I admit, gone over the possibility of changing our name to something more "mainstream" or less "challenging" a few times in the 7+ years we've been making our special brand of music. We've been called the "Best Band Name Ever" by quite a few reviewers, and the "Worst Band Name Ever" a few times, too. Our name alone has opened many doors, and closed some. It has certainly always gotten SOME reaction out of folks when they hear it, and folks tend to remember it.   

In all these years I've yet to come up with another simple term, phrase, or slogan that covers the sentiment that is the seed and the guiding principle of our art and our action -- and that is, in short:

  • An expansive, relentless love of everyone and everything, from the sublime to the profane. 
  • A joyous getting down with the all of it all, with no topic being too taboo.
  • A fiercely beautiful, holy, and kick ass irreverence for Being.

(If you'd like to read a really extensive telling of our feelings about the band and the origin of the band name, you can do so here:

At the end of the day... We are the Evangenitals. I accept this and understand it more and more at every show we play, for every fan we meet, and with every heart we touch that feels its confirmation in our mission.

I feel blessed and honored to be in this world with you, at this time, and am committed to making it a fucking joy ride.

We are excited to be going into the studio this weekend to be recording more music with which to infect the hearts and minds of the people.

We are excited to be playing a show with THE MORMONS on November 13th, which shall surely raise a few eyebrows, as we're getting a write up in the Pasadena Weekly for that gig. :-)

We encourage and welcome you to do all you can to help spread the good news of the Evangenitals far and wide. 

Let all the fearful, ignorant, poor souls not bathing in the light of love know that they can run but they can't hide. We will find them, and we will love them anyway... till their black hearts bleed sunshine. We are coming.

Much love, love, love,
Rev Juli Crockett & the Evangenitals

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mega-Interview and Sweet Jingle

Juli & Lisa recently did an enormous email interview with the folks at SRN Mediaworks in Canada (a Canadian radio broadcasting company) and the FULL interview (3 pages long!) is available online for all to see.  Dig in and learn some of the deep dark secrets of the origins and destiny of The Evangenitals!
Extra, extra, read all about it:
(be warned: an ad will take over the screen about 3 seconds into reading... just hit "skip" in the top right corner... unless it's something that you're really interested in... then by all means, enjoy!)
Juli has written her first jingle, you can download it for free 
A dear 'ol friend from high school, the talented Jennifer Johnson Klein of "Sugar Entice and Everything Nice" custom cakes, asked for a sweet song about cake... and Juli supplied! 
Check out her site for some ear candy from Juli (with additional help from Michael Feldman on piano) at:
You can also download the track "Dream Cake" from the Evangenitals profile for FREE if you're an Evangenitals mailing list member. Ahhhh... the benefits of membership!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please Support Kulak's Woodshed

Hey folks. I wanted to share this plea from Kulak's Woodshed for support. Kulak's is an awesome, volunteer-run, grassroots venue in North Hollywood that hosts incredible original music and webcasts great shows on the internet.

You can check out videos of our appearance at Kulak's on YouTube, here:

They are in need of audience, donations, and support of any kind... so please spread the word, catch a show, and contribute.

Juli of the Evangenitals


Hi Everyone,

Time Warner turned off our Live Webcast last Friday but we got it back the next day. I'd like to thank the dozen or so people who made generous PayPal donations (in addition to what they already contribute) and helped make that happen. Now I have to hope that the Department of Water and Power doesn't turn off our electricity. Please read the following:

Woodshed audience attendance over the last few months has been very low and I've fallen nearly $9,000 behind in donations needed to pay the Woodshed bills. Yes, things are really desperate here. ATT turned off the Woodshed phone a few weeks ago (about $600 for the past 6 months) I owe Department of Water and Power (over $3,000 for the past few months). They've been working with me allowing me to make payments but I continue to fall behind. It's only a matter of time before they turn me off. The rent is four months ($4,000) behind.

Again, please let me remind you how thankful I am to those of you who have attended Woodshed shows this year, and for making those donations here and on-line. You made it possible for this wonderful community to get this far. I know it may seem unfair coming to you again after you've already given but we are all we have to turn to. If we pull together we can avoid repeated financial crashes.

I'm modeling the Woodshed after the PBS and Public Radio fundraising example of Monthly Sponsorship.

If you are able please help please join me in choosing to keep what you helped create. Please click here:

Thank you for making a difference in helping to keep the Woodshed going.

Paul Kulak
We broadcast every show LIVE @  

We're located at 5230-1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd, (just north of Magnolia) North Hollywood, CA 91607

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Evangenitals Top Ten

According to Napster, these are currently the Top Ten selling tracks of the Evangenitals:

  1. I Just Forgot
  2. F*ck 'em All
  3. Hey Y'all
  4. Hello
  5. Hard Luck
  6. Bad Town
  7. The Work Song
  8. Gasoline
  9. Quee Queg
  10. I'm Sad

I'm pretty excited to see tracks from all 3 of our albums representing in the Top Ten, and pleasantly surprised to see that "I Just Forgot" is leading the pack! (Check out all 3 albums here:

Of course, I Just Forgot was featured on an awesome Americana Playlist on Napster... so that explains a few things.

Fuck 'em All is clearly rocking the #2 spot based on it's universal message.

Hey Ya'll (a cover of OutKast's Hey Ya from the very first Evangenitals album) is up there, and a bunch of songs of the new EP fill out the middle.... which is awesome, since their the newest additions to the Napster system!

Always thrilled to have a Moby Dick track on the list (Quee Queg) and no Evangenitals Top Ten would be complete without Gasoline.

All and all, I'm liking this list!

So.... what's YOUR Evangenitals Top Ten???

Link to Evangenitals on Napster:

Monday, August 23, 2010

No More Bad Gigs

"As musicians/healers, it is our destiny to conduct an inward search, and to document it with our music so that others may benefit. As they listen to the music coming through us, they too are inspired to look within. Light is being transmitted and received from soul to soul.  Gradually, the planet moves from darkness to light.  We as musicians must surrender to the ocean of our inner selves.  We must descend deep into that ocean while the sludge of the ego floats on the surface.  We let go of our egos and permit the music to come through us and do its work.  We act as the instruments for that work.

If we can live in this realization, we will constantly have deep motivation for what is played, never getting stuck in the ungrateful consciousness of good gigs/bad gigs, out-of-tune pianos, low fees, ungracious audiences, and so on.  Instead, our minds will be consumed with what a very great privilege it is to be the one selected to deliver the message to others.  We will no longer be caught in the mundane world of good music/bad music ("am I playing well?")  Instead, our hearts and minds will be focused on the task of remaining empty and alert to receiving this God-inspired information and translating it faithfully, without any coloration from us"

(excerpt from Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within by Kenny Werner)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Cry for Help. Your Help. :-)

This summer the Evangenitals are moving into new territory. We're on the radio, we're on the web, and we're touring to places we've never been, and where we don't know anyone. Yet!

So we're asking you, our friends and lovers: who do YOU know?  And can you help us spread the good word about the Evangenitals?

I've come up with the Top 5 Ways (that I can think of today) for you to help us in our quest to win the hearts and minds of slightly twisted joy-seekers world-wide:

1. "Like" us. Really like us! Become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, get old school and friend us on Myspace... whatever web thingies you do, we're probably on there. Seek and ye shall find the Evangenitals! And when you do, please actually post comments and stuff. We love to think that you're really out there and that the Internet truly connects and doesn't just breed alienation and the simulacra of intimacy like the scientists say.

2. Check out our upcoming tour schedule and tell your friends in those areas that they will feel like total a-holes if they miss the opportunity to see us live. Critics agree, our live shows are the place to be!

3. If you're far away from any of our tour stops and getting pissed off that we're not playing in your area, "DEMAND" that we come to YOUR town. You can do this by using the nifty "DEMAND" feature at Eventful, or email us and tell me where you want us to play and that we can sleep on your couch. :-)

4. Link to the Evangenitals or put a "widget" on your website/blog/profile/whatever and tell the world, loud and proud, that you love us as much as we love you. We've got lots of widgets! You can also call your local radio station and request the Evangenitals. Yes, I know that's 2 things in 1, but hey, 2010 is the year of the multitasker!

5. Pray for us, send us your good vibes, and tell everyone who will listen that they should buy our album. Word of mouth is still the best marketing. So flap them gums with glee! 

If you've got any other good ideas for how we can acheive world-wide joy-mongering... let me know!

In the meantime, we are loving you, and loving the journey.

Thank you so much for your support! 

Juli & the Evangenitals

Monday, July 19, 2010

Climbing the Charts & Free Local Show

Wherever you are... there is a way that you can get involved in the destiny of the Evangenitals!

Los Angeles area:
This Saturday, July 24th, the Evangenitals are playing a FREE show at the tiniest bar in town -- the Cinema Bar in Culver City!  We got wind that a reviewer from Music Connection Magazine is coming to "review" our live performance, so we need all the uber-fans and sing-a-long crew to get on out there and show 'em we got the fever. Let's do this!

We're kicking off the night at 9pm, followed by the amazing Dustbowl Revival (10:30). Trust me, it'll be worth it simply to come see both of our giant bands squeeze on that tiny stage! AND the music is great... AND it's free... so what have you got to lose?

Cinema Bar
3967 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230

RSVP on Facebook here:

If you're far away (or busy) and can't make it on this special day, here's something you can do to help spread the good news of the Evangenitals: Request our tunes on Radio Americana!

We've been climbing the charts over there and every spin counts! We debuted at #153 and after a week of our Facebook Fans requesting our tunes, we are up to #72! Let's see how high we can climb this week!!! 

You can request any tune from our new EP here:

Eveywhere, Anywhere:
And in terms of touring... it helps us to know where YOU are, and where you'd like us to be. Please send us info about your local hot spots, clubs you'd like to see us at, and what's going down in your town. We've made it across the US and all the way to the UK before, so there's no place too far for us to make it happen someday! We've got the fever, and we've got the faith. Bring it on.

You can email us, or use the nifty tools over at to let us know where you'd like us to be.
(Demand us here:

In other news...

We've been working on a bunch of new songs, plotting a couple new albums, playing with an amazing new upright bass player, starting to plan some tours reaching out into a bigger portion of the universe, and generally working hard to improve the Evangenital experience world-wide. You can look forward to some exciting updates, and know that the love is burning in our hearts always.
Thank you for everything.

Friday, May 28, 2010

5 More College Stations Spinning the Evangenitals

The Evangenitals got radio play on five MORE wise and wonderful college stations this week. How 'bout hitting them up to say THANKS FOR THE GENITALS and request a song or two?

KSAU - Nacogdoches, TX
Request Line: (936) 468-4000

WMVL - Purchase, NY
Request Line: (914) 323-3204

WPKN - Bridgeport, CT
Request Line: (203) 336-9756

KBGA - Missoula, MT
Request Line: (406) 243-6226

WCBN - Ann Arbor, MI
Request Line: (734) 763-3535

We're asking folks to request all of their favorite tracks off of the newest Evangenitals EP (

*Hard Luck
*Work Song
*So Sweet
*Bad Town
*I'm Sad


And don't forget you can hit up all the OTHER stations playing the Evangenitals, listed here:

Thanks for all your help turning the whole world on to the Evangenitals! 


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Call to Action - Evangenitals on the Radio

In honor of our upcoming show at WORLDFEST (LA's largest Earth Day celebration) we'd like to ask your help with some Evangenitals World Domination -- via the AIRWAVES!!

Some wise and wonderful radio stations out there have seen the light and started to spin tracks from the newest Evangenitals album, the self-titled "Evangenitals" EP. Luckily, I have already gone through the insanely laborious task of finding all the websites and request lines of a bunch of stations currently playing Evangenitals tunes in order to make it as easy as possible for YOU to give them a call/email and request that some MORE of our music be played. Your help with this mission would mean the world to us, and truly help to get our music out there into the world.

What song should you request?
Your favorites, of course! "Hard Luck" and "Hello" have been getting a lot of action, as have "Bad Town", "Work Song", and "I'm Sad"... but hey, don't let that stop you from requesting "So Sweet" or "Home"... we think they should all be heard, and they are ALL radio friendly!

Which stations should you call?
We'd love it if you called ALL of them! Don't feel limited to those in your area... they all have websites, online streaming, and can be listened to from ANYWHERE... so reach out and touch 'em, and feel your power as we rise through the charts!

Yes, CHARTS! To up the EXCITEMENT FACTOR... we actually appeared on our very first RADIO CHART last week! Check it out! (Click here) Debuting at #72 in California, we moved up to #63 in our 2nd week, now we're back down to #70 this week, still topping such illustrious names as Bob Dylan, Buck Owens, and Lucinda Williams. Yowzers! And the college charts (CMJ) are counting the numbers SOON, so if you get on it, we could debut high on there! Let's do this! 

So if you make a few phone calls, we may be able to see that number leap a little higher, and perhaps we can reach our longtime goal of someday being #3 WORLDWIDE! :-)

The Mission:
1. Choose a Station
2. Call 'em (or email)
3. Request a Song
4. Repeat

Let us know how it goes! Seriously, PLEASE let us know if you're participating. It took me forever to put this list together with all the numbers and such, so it really feels good when you actually write back. :-)
Adventure awaits!
Request # State City Station Web
(803)576-WUSC (9872) SC Columbia WUSC
(615) 322-ROCK (7625) TN Nashville WRVU
MA Springfield WTCC
(207) 725-3250 ME Brunswick WBOR
618-536-2361 IL Carbondale WIDB
585-210-8897 NY Rochester WITR
608.342.1291 WI Platteville WSUP
210-486-KSYM (5796) TX San Antonio KSYM
570-422-3133 PA East Stroudsburg WESS
FL Tallahassee WVFS
303.964.5396 CO Denver KRCX
212-564-4611 NY New York City M3 Radio
715-682-1342 WI Ashland WRNC
407-646-2915 FL Winter Park WPRK
512-245-3485 TX San Marcos KTSW
919.860.0881 NC Raleigh WKNC
203-392-5353 CT New Haven WSIN
414-277-7247 WI Milwaukee WMSE
484-664-3456 PA Allentown WMUH
(229) 333-5661 GA Augusta WVVS
607-777-2137 NY Binghamton WHRW
949-824-5824 CA Irvine KUCI
305-284-5784 FL Coral Gables WVUM
KS Lawrence KJHK
919.962.8989 NC Chapel Hill WXYC
NJ New Brunswick WRSU
318-869-5296 LA Shreveport KSCL
804.828.1057 VA Richmond WVCW
713-348-ktru (5878) TX Houston KTRU
(888) 303-9748 RI Kingston WRIU
970-728-4333 CO Telluride KOTO
800-285-2895 OR Eugene KRVM
NJ Belmar The Penguin Rocks
866-971-WHFC (9432) MD BelAir WHFC
352-313-3100 FL Gainesville WHHZ
AL Auburn Wildman Steve
843-626-7300 SC Myrtle Beach WKZQ
VA Virginia Beach WRRW
(970) 963-0139 CO Carbondale KDNK
CA Santa Rosa No Pigeonholes
PA Bethlehem WDIY

Monday, April 19, 2010

Free Stickers! (and almost free stickers)

Since we are aware of the fact that not everyone can attend an Evangenitals show...

(where you can get our shiny new Evangenitals stickers for FREE)

... we thought we'd offer some stickers to EVERYONE for ALMOST free!!! :-)

So... for a limited time, and for the low, low shipping & handling charge of just TWO DOLLARS ($2!!!!) we will send a few stickers to you.

And that means YOU!!!! Wherever you are!!!

Or you could just come to a show... like the one at Winston's this Thursday night (April 22nd)... and pick some up.

If not, you can Paypal $2 to "" or send $2 to:

The Evangenitals
PO Box 70318
Pasadena, CA 91107

And we'll send you a few of our amazing new stickers.

How's that for (almost) free love? :-)

Juli & the Evangenitals

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Anniversay, Henry Bermudez

On Tuesday March 16th we celebrate 2 years of Henry Bermudez as lead guitarist and quality control marshall of the Evangenitals!
It's been a wild and crazy ride, and to anyone who has seen us live in the past couple years, I'm sure it is hard to imagine our good-time gang without our main man (and ONLY man!) Henry Bermudez making magic come out of that nylon string guitar up on the stage.
12:13 In Highland Park To honor the man, the myth, the mega-talent that is Henry, I would like to turn your attention to his personal projects, numerous other bands (past and present), and of course suggest that on Tuesday March 16th you take some time to turn the new Evangenitals EP up to 11 and hold a glass high in the air for Henry, oh Henry!!!
You may also consider:
  • Barraging his Facebook Page with love letters
  • Becoming his friend on Myspace Music
  • Buying his CD 12:13 In Highland Park at CD Baby
  • Making him a card and mail it to the PO Box above
  • Sending him some money (PO Box above) as we can't even come CLOSE to paying him what he's worth
  • - Or, a fine and firm handshake and a "job well done" next time you see him, preferably at a live show, preferably after giving him a tip, or a drink, or a kiss, or something. :-)

And I'm sure you can come up with your own creative ways to let Henry know how awesome and appreciated he is in this world of ours.

The Story:
On March 15th 2008, Lisa Dee and Juli C (aka Evangina, freshly recovered from The 1 Second Film's Road to Oprah tour) set out on a bold adventure to play a fringe show at SXSW in a rented economy car.
Two brave solo travelers accompanied us: Timothy Sellers of Artichoke, and Henry Bermudez of the Henry Bermudez Trio and Unpopable (now Balloon Bass), who had responded to a Myspace bulletin asking if anyone wanted to play a one-off show with us at SXSW-ish.
We played our sweet-ass show on Sunday March 16th at Thunderbird Coffee in Austin, TX... with Henry Bermudez accompanying us on lead guitar for most of the set! (There are several videos of this momentous day on YouTube here, here, and here, by the by)
By the end of the journey, Juli & Lisa were singing backup for the 'Choke and Henry Bermudez was spearheading the resplendent transformation and rebirth of the Evangenitals into the awe-inspiring juggernaut that you experience today!

*** In an astounding bit of foreshadowing and coincidence, our current bassist (and may I say master of The Lee Shore) Laurie Es actually designed the awesome poster for that historically significant SXSW show... who knew she'd be making us so many more great posters down the road, AND be joining the band!?!?

So, today we celebrate! Heck, we'll be celebrating all week long, and then some, to be honest.
Henry Bermudez
It was a glorious day that brought Henry Bermudez into this band, and there isn't a single day that has gone by since he joined that I haven't been overwhelmed with gratitude and good-luck giddiness. Glory be!
It is an honor and a privilege to make music with this man, and I hope you will join us in honoring him on this glorious day, henceforth to be writ into the annals of history!!

Let's hear it for Henry Bermudez!

Huzzah!!! :-)

Much love, more love,
and a little bit of love on the side,
Juli & the Evangenitals

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Last Supper

I just just found the awesome Steve Diet Goedde photo of the Evangenitals from our EVERLOVIN' cover shoot on some Spanish language blog in a mash-up of other re-staging's of the infamous Last Supper of my predecessor in the great lineage of JC's.

Can you spot the Genitals on this page?

In the final version, you can see another great JC (Old Californio's Jason Chesney, at one time sometimes-bassist for the Evangenitals) in the portrait in the background of our pic... but he hadn't been photo-chopped in yet in this version.

We ended up making a quick video for the song "Sun is Shining" on the day we shot this photo. We had invited a whole bunch of Evangenitals extended family members to the shoot that day, and the one's that could make it were (from left to right)

Don Short (harmonica on Everlovin)
Dave "Salad" Salardino (mandolin, drums, member of Ukefink)
Patrick Ian Moore (flier artist, improv, occasional percussion)
Misha Birmele (graphic artist, album art & logo designer)
Lisa Dee (co-founder of the Evangenitals, vocals, percussion, guitar)
Juli Crockett (lead singer, songwriter, founder of the Evangenitals)
George Bernardo (drummer, now with Cash'd Out)
Brett Lyda (lead guitar, producer, now working on solo album & film editor)
Wanni Yu (brett's girlfriend, total sweetheart, hooked us up with some sweet gigs!)
Zoe Moss (accordion, designer of the Evangenitals unicron logo)
Jeff Jones (original bass player) - Evangenitals - Cousin Junebug - Antioquia

Check out this AWESOME new poster for the upcoming Evangenitals show at the Old Towne Pub in Pasadena on! - Evangenitals - Cousin Junebug - Antioquia

Monday, January 04, 2010

Evangenitals on Facebook

Myspace, Facebook, Twitter... and remember Friendster & Tribe??

It's all still pretty confusing to me. However, I am doing my best to figure it out, streamline, strategize, and not barrage anyone with too many emails and posts and pokes and tweaks and twitters from too many directions at once.

It seems I'm spending more time on the Evangenitals Facebook FAN PAGE these days, though, so if you're NOT a member of the Evangenitals Facebook PAGE yet, I highly suggest joining that bad boy now:

Especially RIGHT NOW... cuz I'm about to send out a free mp3 belated xmas present to all of our Facebook PAGE fans.

So join now and get yer loving & yer loot!

Juli of the Genitals