Saturday, November 08, 2008

Brewing tea, listening to some good beats, and getting down with the 5 Rites in the sunlight streaming into my living room. Bliss! :-)
Testing out the, Great Lord of the Micro-blogging Aggregatortomitrons!!! :-)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I feel like it's New Year's Eve Deluxe Day! I've got that Christmas morning feeling. I'm feeling Thankful about Thanksgiving. This is a Holy Holiday indeed!

Change is in the air, it's happening, it's everywhere, permeating the pores, in all directions, and it's EXCITING. I'm excited. I'm friggin' delighted.

To celebrate, the Evangenitals and friends are playing at Mr T's Bowl TONIGHT, Wednesday November 5th. And it's FREE... just like health care and education ought to be. :-)

Mr T's Bowl - 10pm
5621 1/2 Figueroa Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Our good friends Confessions of a Corn Silo are playing at 9pm and we highly suggest you hear them, too. Evangenitals play at 10pm. Kid Moxie (11pm) and Death to Fresh (12am) will take care of your later night needs. :-)

In other news, this new age of love that is being ushered in has made us realize that we're really not the Battle of the Bands type. No more aggression. Only love. Tough love, sure. Dirty hillbilly love, hell yeah. Tender "hand is a talon" love, bring it on. No more winners and losers in the New Paradigm. Just share-ers and lover-ers. So, no show in Hermosa Beach on November 9th. We'll have something lovely to offer you soon. :-)

All my lovin'
Juli & the Evangenitals