Thursday, March 20, 2008

Evangina: Now on iTunes!!!

That's right, folks... the time has come! Finally you can cuddle up to tender duets about drunken girls, good dogs, and our private parts. Hurray!

Here's the direct link to Evangina on iTunes. Click the button below and it will take you directly to the Evangina page in your iTunes store!


Give us a listen and be sure to review the album and let us know what you think!

juli & lisa
What's up?

Last Friday night Lisa Dee, myself, (that's Evangina!), guitarist Henry Bermudez, and Timothy Sellers of Artichoke all jumped in a car and drove to Austin to catch a taste of SXSW and play a day show on Sunday. It was a much-need breaking out and breaking away from the day to day, and also a grand display of willingness and mild insanity. The whole thing made me indescribably happy.

Brian and Jerimi, a WONDERFUL couple who restore any lagging faith that any of us could have in humanity and the generosity of the spirit, put us up in Austin and took great care of us. I barely know these folks, and yet they opened their hearts, ears, home, and fridge to us... for fun and for free. Incredible. I also discovered that Austin has free health insurance for musicians and the audiences actually TIP... what am I doing here? I love LA. It's twisted.

It was great to play with Izzy Cox. I've missed her. She is a powerful performer and I look forward to doing more shows with her when she comes out to LA again. We also DEFINITELY plan to return to Austin next year, if not sooner. Now that Henry is going to be playing with us, we are indeed a road-hungry band... we want to play play PLAY and bring the Evangenital joy to every pair of ears that will listen.

I'm going to be posting the photo-journal from the Austin trip on Flickr real soon. I'll post links here when I do.

Tonight we played a fundraiser show with Veruca Salt in downtown LA and we debuted a never-before-seen/heard Evangenitals lineup featuring Joey Ninja of Ninja Academy on bass and the aforementioned Henry Bermudez on lead guitar. It rocked my socks off! I am excited to be revisiting our old tunes with new energy and explore and reinterpret them -- stretch 'em to the snapping point and see what their spine looks like. Constantly changing, exploring, questioning, enjoying, refreshing... I dig it. "The Hole" almost burst into a Reggae jam tonight, people. It was AWESOME!!!

So, the short version is: the flow is flowing once again, the universe is giving me the green light on all things, it seems, and I am revved up and ready to GROW! The party is about to get started, and you're all always invited.

Love, always and already,

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tonight's the Night!

We made it to Austin safe and sound after a 25 hour adventure-drive of group sing-a-long's and Beaver trivia. After some coffee at Thunderbird and showers for everyone, we met up with our hosts Brian and Jerimi on 6th Street, right in the heart of all the SXSW madness.

Many bars were hopped, we got our groove on to some incredible DJ's at a club where Artichoke Timothy declared a full-on fool-dancing contest at the front stage. We were lucky to catch Rootz Underground closing out a Reggae set at the Flamingo. They were INCREDIBLE!!!

Now it's time for us to play our show! We'll be hanging out, playing, and singing-a-long from 3-8pm at Thunderbird Coffee, 1401 Koenig Lane in Austin, TX.

Izzy Cox at 3pm, Henry Bermudez at 4pm, Evangenitals at 5pm, Artichoke at 6pm, and Clock Hands Strangle at 7pm. This should be grand!

After that, we're hitting some "Chicken Shit Bingo" with Brian and Jerimi and then hitting the long road home. All in all, this has been an awesome and smooth trip so far. Great group of folks for tag-team driving and super conversation... and the sing-a-longs are top notch! :-)