Sunday, January 14, 2007

Man oh man... after this crazy week of recording new albums and trips to Vegas and back for the Buccaneer show, I figured that I'd let Kevin (the Duke of Alhambra) tell you about the show, since he put it so awesomely in his MySpace group, To All The Music Fans:

"Okay! I finally went out to a show that is worth talking about.

The band is called the Evangenitals.. The play folk rock.. The two female singers are amazing... Great vocal skills that blend into each other. The band itself was just in tune with each other. Their songs were fun and enjoyable, even if you find "FUCKING A SAILOR" offensive... The show never stopped to make you think "Do I want to leave now".. You start thinking " WOW WHAT IS GOING TO COME NEXT"!

Gasoline... Was great!
Drunken sailor... Was even better...
I can go on with each song, but they played new songs on their upcoming CD that I don't know the names of.

This is what I will love for you all to do, go to my friends list and add them. For one week go and add a song from their profile and enjoy. Just see how they make you feel.

To end I will like to tell a short story of how great they are from last night...

There was this one drunk woman at the bar, with high heels that kept lighting up as she walked. During the show she was at the bar talking very loud to the bartender.. telling him how much she loved him. She would get up and walk through the crowd to go to the restroom, but bumped into everyone on the way... did I put she was drunk?

During one of the fast pace hard moving songs of the night (*it was our cover of the Velvet Underground's Heroin... in the midst of our infamous "Medley") this drunk woman got off her chair and was walking towards the restroom, which you have to pass by the band's stage. She walked up to one of the two singers and started to grab the mic from her.. The singer, sorry that I forgot your name, was FUCKEN AMAZING! (*that would have been Julio, who is still reeling from her first totally 80's heavy metal fan make-out moment) With out missing a step she held on to the mic, kept singer the song (in its fast pace) and had the drunk woman in Aww... She didn't let the moment fall apart. She, the singer, was there to put on a show and not stop... in which she did. After the song the drunk woman started to hug the singer and kiss her.. (*tongue kiss, people!) After the song the band just smiled and stared a new song. (*the transition back into Bad Company's Feel Like Makin' Love) The drunk woman went to the restroom and back to her chair at the bar. (*her name was Willow, and it was her birthday. I'm pretty sure she will be appearing in an EvangeniTales comic very, very soon.)

If you see any bands this year this is the one that will not want to miss! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO and see EVANGENITALS."

Thank you, Kevin, for that glowing show review. That was an awesome tidbit to wake up to! For more show reviews and music discussion, here's the link again to Kevin's Myspace group: To All The Music Fans.