Monday, March 26, 2007

Attention Awesome Bands!

Greetings friends of the Evangenitals,

We need your help!

This summer we are releasing our 2nd album and we are hitting the road to celebrate. Where should we go?

We are currently reaching out to all our musical friends and extended band families in various and sundry locations world wide for some guidance/advice as to what's hot and what's not out there in the US of A and beyond!

Are you digging your local scene? Is there an awesome place in your town that you could see the Evangenitals rocking? Could you slide us on a card in your city?

Please send you ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and advice our way!

Much Love,
Juli C, Lisa Dee, Brettsky, Georgie, Geoff and Jason
The Evangenitals

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