Friday, September 05, 2008

Evidence of the Union of All Things Betwixt Heaven and Earth in Trinity:
A Visual Essay

by Juli Crockett

Exhibit A: The Triangulum Nebula

Exhibit B: The Jellyfish

Exhibit C: A latex glove found on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles

Mind Body Spirit

Sky Land Sea

Waking Sleeping Dreaming

Hypothesis, Antithesis, Thesis

This is This

I am That

The End.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In case you are bored, lonely, and/or in need of my loving presence this evening...


Hammerspace Improv & The Evangenitals TOGETHER @ Tre Stage!

Tre Stage
1523 N LaBrea Ave
Hollywood CA 90028

is an experimental long-form improv-comedy group featuring Patrick Ian Moore, Juli Crockett, and friends. The Evangenitals are WHERE IT'S AT. Together, we are an arts/entertainment extravaganza that you’re going to love, and we’re going to love you right back!

At 9pm, Hammerspace performs Long Form Improv. It is good and weird, often funny, and definitely entertaining.

At 10pm, the Evangenitals conduct sonic experiments with songs old and new.

The whole thing happens in a Black Box. Spooky!

We've got bubbles, slides, new songs, and crazy Improvisers backing us on this special night.

Come-n-get-it, fresh of the mind-griddle.

BYOB (there's a liquor store downstairs)

Much love,
Juli & the Evangenitals