Monday, January 24, 2011

Keyword Roundup

While poking around in the Evangenitals back end tonight (of the website, perverts!) I was reminded of how much I love to review the various "keywords" that lead folks to the Evangenitals website. I believe that all roads, eventually, lead to the Evangenitals.... but these are the roads that led there this week in cyber-space.

The leaders of the Keyword Roundup are always the usual suspects: Evangenitals, The Evangenitals, and Lisa Dee -- which, we've discovered, could be the London rocker Lisa Dee, or the Reiki healer Lisa Dee. Alas, the cross-dressing site "Lisa Dee's Closet" that we loved so much seems to have gone offline. Boo! :-(

Ari DeSano is almost always at the top of the list. Popular girl! Unless she's being investigated for something and should be really paranoid. Shut your blinds, Ari! Someone is stalking you! And Henry Bermudez. Kristy McInnis. Andrea Baker. All band member names make an appearance. WE ARE A BAND!

There's an awesome collection of band name misspellings and varieties, such as: evan gentilals, evangenetals, evangenitilia, evangentals, even genitals, and evangentles. Yes, we are gentle, it's true!

Then there's the awesome "genre" keywords that come in pretty handy when we're trying to explain our music to strangers. This week these include:
  • cow punk
  • americana freak folk
  • cow jazz punk
  • folk punk hillbilly
  • freak folk punk
  • hillbilly hippie
  • hillbilly jazz
  • punk alt country
  • and "evangenitals punk"
We're our own brand of punk! Weeeeee! 

After that, it gets more interesting. For example...
  • What in the hell is the "alt cow code" and why are you looking for it? And why did that search lead you to us?
  • a "bermudez artichoke" Sounds tasty, but I think the mash up may have led you astray.
  • "who played "june carter" in cash'd out?" Well, that might have been our Juli Crockett, who did tour with them for almost 2 years. Or, currently, Nena Anderson. She's awesome.
  • "violin music in dude where's my car" I love that movie... but it wasn't our Andrea Baker. 
  • "ticciati" Remember him? Under the bridge in Edinburgh? On Skype
  • and "please copy and paste this to your status if you are a hillbilly" Evidently someone can't follow instructions, and searched that sentence instead... and it led them to us. 
Like I said... all roads lead to the Evangenitals eventually. See you there.