Friday, July 18, 2008

on this night, the evangenitals jammed...

it's really late, i'm fresh home from a gig, sleep deprived and hungry, thirsty and in love.

at some moment or other during tonight's show, i experienced a joyous and profound love for every single band member and was filled with genuine child-like GLEE at just how lucky i am to be making music with each and every one of these people

we HARMONIZE. we join in song and make waves. it is collaborative and creative and generative and magical and i'm simply stupid in love with the whole marvelous thing.

the feeling of really, truly being in a band is something i fantasized about as a child and feel absolutely blessed to be experiencing, in burst of vibrating sound and light, on stage and off with the people of the evangenitals.

so yes, all you evangenitals out there, both the ones on stage with me and the ones in the audience who help our music to thrive with your open ears, open hearts, and goooooood energy, thanks for letting me love you. it feels real good to feel good in your direction. :-)