Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The Joy Team"

Tonight was a very, very good night for the Evangenitals. Something happened in that room that is important, magical, beautiful, and GOOD. A bubble floated in front of my eyes during Quee Queg, illuminated by a shaft of stage lighting. Henry played the blues, Lisa sang Opera, David joyfully created a collective heartbeat, and Keith's debut with us on the bass filled my backbone with deep, happy thuds of glee.

For the first time tonight, an interpretive-dance gunfight was staged in the audience (can it really be called it an "audience" when they are such a part of the show?) during Sergio by Stodder & Crystal, Laura wore her Evangenitals t-shirt, I could see Albert's smile in the dark, Keith's mom glowed with pride, Kelly Chase of Hammerspace danced, the guys from With a Bible and a Gun nodded in approval (ah, winning the respect of the other band is a great feeling, especially when they are friggin' awesome). Bubbles were blown. Moments were shared. All present were given a nice sonic bath in everlovin' Evangenital joy.

We were given a new nickname... "Team Joy". Thanks Stodder. I like it very much.

Next stop, the INTEGRATRON!

And now, I sleep.

I love you, dear reader, whoever you are, with all my heart. Just because.


Monday, June 23, 2008

On Tuesday June 24th (that’s tomorrow!) at 10:30pm The Evangenitals will be debuting a never-before-heard lineup of players at Molly Malone’s, immediately following the hotshot Los Angeles-based Johnny Cash tribute band “With a Bible and a Gun” at 9:30. It will be an awesome night of music, not too late, and it’s only $6 to see it!

(Note: this is not the Johnny Cash tribute band that Evangenital Juli has been singing with. That’s “Cash’d Out” of San Diego)

As a special incentive for attending this exciting show that will feature brand new songs and new versions of old classics, we are offering everyone who tells the doorman you’re there to see the Evangenitals a FREE “last supper” Evangenitals poster. There will also be complimentary bubbles available for your ambient pleasure.

On this glorious night the Evangenitals will feature Henry Bermudez on lead guitar, David Hurlin on drums, and our newest extended-family member Keith Lubow on bass. Lisa Dee will be shocking the world with her vocal harmonies (especially on our new Klezmer-inspired version of The Hole) and I, Juli Crockett, will be loving you with all my heart, whether you can make it to the show or not. Though I really hope you can make it.

Molly Malone’s
575 South Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Evangenitals @ 10:30pm
21 & up

If anyone is hurting for cash & would like to see the show, we are always in need of a “swag person” to help us with mailing list circulation, cd sales, bubble distribution, etc. If you’d like to volunteer with the Evangenitals for the night, get in free and get some free swag yourself, please let me know!

For folks who are NOT in the LA area, here are simple actions bring you closer to the Evangenitals, and the Evangenitals closer to YOU:

Become a “fan” on Facebook:
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Be our “Myspace Friend”:
“Demand” us in your town on Eventful:

Also, you can join our mailing list on “ReverbNation” for geo-targeted emails (read: less frequent) that will only inform you about Evangenitals events going on in YOUR area:

Thanks for being you.

Much Love,
Juli & the Evangenitals