Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Own Private Coachella (in Old Town Pasadena)

The Evangenitals are playing a show this weekend!!!

Here's the Flier by PtryXXX!!!

I know what you're thinking... we must be CRAZY to play a show the same weekend as Coachella.

Well, if you're anything like me, the idea of a bunch of sweaty people out in the desert listening to a zillion bands (awesome though some may be) in a row is kind of horrific... unless you're one of the bands and/or have some sort of backstage pass, unlimited cold waters, and some "personal space" in your contract.

If, however, the shin dig going down at Coachella this weekend is your earthly version of Paradise, then I hope you have tickets and have a ball. Heck, if you didn't have tickets and I had some, I'd send 'em your way! Seriously, I would.

Now, if you're looking for a much more reasonably-priced music fest INDOORS (with an outdoor patio option) then I would highly suggest coming to the Old Towne Pub in Old Towne Pasadena for the Evangenitals show this Saturday night, April 28th.

We have assembled the Unofficial Highland Park All Stars to take your mind off of all that Coachella madness, and to give it to you big and lovely, right in the eardrums.

The Balloon Bass-driven duo UNPOPABLE will kick off the evenings offerings at 9pm, followed by Cat Hair Ensemble (9:30), the Evangenitals (10:30), and the breakups (11:30).

(Don't let the lower-case letters fool you... the breakups will eat your hearts out with a musical spoon, and then sew it up with sonic rose petals and put it back in your chest with a skip in its beat box)

It's a damn fine evening, and it's just $5.

There are rumors of Evangenitals playing other Evangenitals’ instruments, Brett on the mic, Julio on the Bass, Lisa on a Tambourine, Georgie out of his Mind, NEW SONGS, and some dude from the LA Weekly being there who used to be in the Jim Carrol Band. NO KIDDING!!!

Remember, at the Old Towne Pub, the band you come to see gets to keep ALL the door money your bring, so be sure to give credit to the door man, and you can feel good about the fact that EVERY Evangenitals show at the Old Towne Pub is a bona fide fundraiser.

Just think, if you come to enough Old Towne Pub shows, we'll probably give you a credit on the new album!

So please come, and rock those Coachella/desert envy blues away. We've got you covered.

To Review:

Saturday April 28th
9pm - 12am (Evangenitals at 10:30ish)
Old Towne Pub
66 N Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103


For those who can't be with us, we would like to offer the following treats and suggestions for some simple things you can do to support your Genitals:

Check out the Evangenitals Radio Interview!

Bring the Evangenitals to your town!

Be our Myspace Friend!

Review our Album on CD Baby!

We Love You, Always and Already.
Juli, Lisa, Brettsky, Georgie, Chesney, and all those who came before and keep coming back.
The Evangenitals

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life is Good!

Want Proof?