Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Evangenitals Top Ten

According to Napster, these are currently the Top Ten selling tracks of the Evangenitals:

  1. I Just Forgot
  2. F*ck 'em All
  3. Hey Y'all
  4. Hello
  5. Hard Luck
  6. Bad Town
  7. The Work Song
  8. Gasoline
  9. Quee Queg
  10. I'm Sad

I'm pretty excited to see tracks from all 3 of our albums representing in the Top Ten, and pleasantly surprised to see that "I Just Forgot" is leading the pack! (Check out all 3 albums here:

Of course, I Just Forgot was featured on an awesome Americana Playlist on Napster... so that explains a few things.

Fuck 'em All is clearly rocking the #2 spot based on it's universal message.

Hey Ya'll (a cover of OutKast's Hey Ya from the very first Evangenitals album) is up there, and a bunch of songs of the new EP fill out the middle.... which is awesome, since their the newest additions to the Napster system!

Always thrilled to have a Moby Dick track on the list (Quee Queg) and no Evangenitals Top Ten would be complete without Gasoline.

All and all, I'm liking this list!

So.... what's YOUR Evangenitals Top Ten???

Link to Evangenitals on Napster:

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