Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Last Supper

I just just found the awesome Steve Diet Goedde photo of the Evangenitals from our EVERLOVIN' cover shoot on some Spanish language blog in a mash-up of other re-staging's of the infamous Last Supper of my predecessor in the great lineage of JC's.

Can you spot the Genitals on this page?

In the final version, you can see another great JC (Old Californio's Jason Chesney, at one time sometimes-bassist for the Evangenitals) in the portrait in the background of our pic... but he hadn't been photo-chopped in yet in this version.

We ended up making a quick video for the song "Sun is Shining" on the day we shot this photo. We had invited a whole bunch of Evangenitals extended family members to the shoot that day, and the one's that could make it were (from left to right)

Don Short (harmonica on Everlovin)
Dave "Salad" Salardino (mandolin, drums, member of Ukefink)
Patrick Ian Moore (flier artist, improv, occasional percussion)
Misha Birmele (graphic artist, album art & logo designer)
Lisa Dee (co-founder of the Evangenitals, vocals, percussion, guitar)
Juli Crockett (lead singer, songwriter, founder of the Evangenitals)
George Bernardo (drummer, now with Cash'd Out)
Brett Lyda (lead guitar, producer, now working on solo album & film editor)
Wanni Yu (brett's girlfriend, total sweetheart, hooked us up with some sweet gigs!)
Zoe Moss (accordion, designer of the Evangenitals unicron logo)
Jeff Jones (original bass player)

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