Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Send the Evangenitals to Edinburgh!

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The Evangenitals are going to Scotland in August!

"Dawn of Quixote: Chapter the First" has been invited to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 2 solid weeks of shows, running from August 8th - August 22nd, are ALREADY BOOKED and listed in the OFFICIAL festival program... now we simply need to GET THE SHOW to SCOTLAND!

Donate now to help us take our show on the road to Europe's biggest art's festival!! Every bit helps!!!

Written and directed by Juli Crockett and starring Shaughn Buchholz (Scrubs!) as Quixote, Christopher Goodson (Cold Case!) as Sancho, and Lisa Dee (Evangenitals, Killsonic) as Dulcinea, The Dawn of Quixote: Chapter The First is a philosophical and musical exploration of the first chapter of Cervantes' Don Quixote.

Live original score is performed by The Evangenitals! :-)

Our show is being produced in part by California Institute of the Arts. They will be helping with the venue, lights, and promotion in Edinburgh. WE need to raise funds for plane & train tickets for the cast and band, room and board while in Edinburgh, construction and transport of scenery, props, and costumes, and covering the basic expenses of 9 brave souls willing to take 3 weeks out of their lives to make ART in EDINBURGH!

Please help us make it happen! Every little bit helps!

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