Friday, April 17, 2009

Juli Crockett & Evangenitals NEWS

Hello there, beloved of all seasons!

So much going on in Evangenitals-land, and yet it feels like we've been in hiding. WTF? Here's the update:

The radio-play version of "History of Water" - written and directed by Juli Crockett (that's me!), featuring Shaughn Buchholz, Patrick Ian Moore, Andrea LeBlanc, and Lisa Dee (of the Evangenitals!) with live score provided by Henry Bermudez, Keith Lubow, and David Hurlin (of the Evangenitals!) is re-airing on KPFK 90.7FM on Saturday April 18th at 7am. No worries if you're not an early-bird... the show will be available via the good 'ol internet in the KPFK archives for 3 months after airing.

Click HERE for show info!

In other news, the OPERA that I've been directing at California Institute of the Arts (R Murray Schafer's Audio/Visual Poem "Loving") will be performed on April 22nd, 24th, and 25th. Click HERE for show info.

After that, I'm off on a mini-tour of the great Northwest with the world's premier Johnny Cash tribute band CASH'D OUT doing my June Carter thang for the end of April and the 1st bit of May.


The Evangenitals will be emerging from our cocoon of recording and web designing to reveal the beautiful psychedelic butterfly into which we've bloomed! You can look forward to new music, a new website, exciting new shows, and extravagant new fashion statements this Spring. And a European Tour this Summer!?!!? (Details forthcoming in the next Newsletter!)

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Too Much Love,
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