Sunday, March 08, 2009

Webbbbbbb'd Out

I've been looking at websites for the past 5 hours and I'm tired as hell. The Evangenitals are working on a wild new website to launch with our super-awesome new EP that we're working on, and I decided to take a trek through cyber-space to see what some of my favorite bands were doing, as well as some of my not-so-favorite bands who happen to be getting a sh!t-ton of traffic. :-)

Many a website hath passed before my moist eye holes in the past few horas. On the "bands I love" roster, there's David Byrne's really cool site, the B52's semi-awesome colorful site, Ween's new "cleaned-up" site, Gogol Bordello's insane den of navigation, Devendra Banharts incredibly frustrating but kind fun front page, LOW's clean-cut mormon temple of cyberspace, Shitake Monkey's awesome corner of wilderness that I could get lost in for a good while, Weezer's straightforward business, and Beck's completely baffling art piece (that keeps re-directing me to the current album site).

Britney Spears has the highest traffic band website in the friggin' WORLD, it seems. It's a bit of a mess with ads and such, but has a personal feel, decent layout, and the whole she-bang is powered by Buzznet. The next most popular site, so far as I can tell from Alexa, is U2. A much cleaner aesthetic, emphasis on black, gray, and red. Decent.

And while we're on the U2 tip... I'm kinda reeling from their usage of a Sugimoto photo for their new album. I friggin' LOVE Sugimoto with the quiet intensity of a deceptively dormant volcano that's about to burst on an unsuspecting village. I have not yet forgiven Bono for his appearance in that "Across the Universe" movie impersonating some Ken Kesey wannabe and singing "I Am The Walrus".... that movie was completely ludicrous and made me want to chew off my own toes. I actually had a dream the other night wherein I was telling Julie Taymor just HOW awful I thought the film was. This, of course, would be truly bad form in REAL life as we are on the Board of Directors for the Collaboration Foundation. Bottom line is that the film has truly scarred me in some deep way that I don't yet understand. Perhaps I'm just still in shock and it was actually brilliant. Doubtful, but possible... and it's always a fine idea (for me) to suspend any final judgment, as my mind frequently changes along with my moods. If I saw the movie on whilst on the rag, I'm sure I'd love it. And cry :-)

I am officially fried. Happy daylight savings to you all!


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