Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm sitting on a stool in the kitchen of the Juke Joint so I don't have to hang out in the crowd between mt songs at the Cash'd Out show tonight. I'm always torn as to whether or not to mingle... I really enjoy being in/around the crowd, I love the feedback and the energy (and the bursts of adoration don't hurt) however, its terrible for my voice, as I end up talking (read: SCREAMING) during the whole show. By the end, my throat is swollen and sore and mad at me.

There's something magical about having a backstage. I really like getting to appear and disappear between my tunes, and being able to rest and focus is a damn good thing. Its a different kind of energy. Having a backstage really makes it feel like SHOWTIME when I walk on the stage. When I have to hang out in the audience then jump up on stage, it feels more like karaoke. :-)

AND when there's a backstage I can do uber-geeky things like BLOG on my BLACKBERRY during the friggin' SHOW!! Hehe...

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