Thursday, October 06, 2005

Christ on a Christmas crutch! The promulgation of blogs in the cyberverse is making it damn hard to keep anything updated...

The sheer sureness of failure weighs down upon me like the world upon the shoulders of atlas. Dear lord, how to be in all places at all times, in the moment, up to date? Dear lord, teach me thy omnipresent ways.

The evangenitals are in the midst of entering their first songwriting competition. This is indeed the harbinger of more things to come. We're trying to get into the Emergenza festival, not necessarily with any intention of winning, but for the free guitar & bass strings, drum sticks, t-shirts, and a 1st round gig in San Francisco. We're easy like that.

Julio's brother, Jaisen Crockett, photographer extra-ordinare is going to be shooting the cover for an upcoming U2 album next week. Sometime pre-Thanksgiving he's going to be coming to Los Angeles and shooting The Evangenitals. Bono's up for the Nobel Peace Prize, and with a single visit from Jaisen the six degrees of separation betwixt the Evangenitals and the Nobel Peace Prize will be that much smaller!

Stay tuned for the shiny new world.

And in the meantimes...

Check out the Evangenitals Photo Love Share Project on Buzznet. This is where we dump all of our favorite images, and you can join in on the fun by contributing your own Evangenital memorabilia. Get down on it.
Hell yeah.

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