Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hi. How are you? Is the weather getting you down? Are you feeling okay? Do you need a little cheer-me-up? Are you ready for the hoe-down arse-kicking insanity that is sure to go down at the Old Towne Pub gig this Friday night?

On October 21st The Evangenitals will be playing our first show at Ye Olde Towne Pub, hidden behind the very new shiny Container Store in Old Town Pasadena, California, USA.

We are hitting the stage at 10pm with Don Short filling in on drums and mouth organ, Dave "Salad" Salardino moving up to the front lines on Banjo and Electric Mandolin, and Jeff Jones fresh out of his cast on the Bass Guitar. Juli's playing Brett's Guitar, Brett's playing Electric, Lisa's playing with a pic... all hell is breakin' loose. It's gonna be a bar-appropriate drinking song love fest. A special night to be sure.

The exact address is:

Old Towne Pub
66 N Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103

The Line-Up is:
Service Group 9:15
The Evangenitals 10:15
The New Fidelity 11:15
Criminal Belly 12:15

All the bands are fantastic. None be missed. This is going to be a great show. Believe it. And it's all for $5. Dope.

In other news, Happy Halloween.

In more other news, there rumors of an upcoming Evangina album (previews available at and Brett been working hard rehearsing his own stuff with his "other" band. *gasp* *shock* *awe*

If you aren't local to the Los Angeles area, you can help us out by downloading the Evangenitals on iTunes, buying our album on and, and reviewing our album on either of those sites.

You could also collect local club information for us and help us book a gig in your town... then you'd get to feel the magic of the Genital Evangelizing Music in your very own city!

We love you, always and already.
No kidding.
We thank you for your support.


Juli, Lisa, Brett, Jones, and Salad
The Evangenitals

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