Friday, January 21, 2005

Updates and Reminders:

We have our own comic! Drawn by the keen hand and slim fingers of our own Brett Lyda, The EvangeniTales is updated weekly, with new adventures and revealing tidbits about those sweet spiritual bastards, The Evangenitals. See it here: EvangeniTALES!

We're still on the charts at Audio Street, with our slow, sultry cover of HeyYa coming in at #1 in Alternative Cover Songs. (sometimes #2)... um... it depends what time of the day you log in, methinks.

Joining us over there at Audio Street is our feminine half, Evangina, who've got their own little blog and muzak page now (due to their wild success and new fan-base in Long Beach)... They're also on MySpace! (add! add! add!)

And of course, tonight at the Derby we will be celebrating our One Year Anniversary with an ALL-EVANGENITALS set. Joining us are friends Hello Fever, Pink Mochi, Poolabomb, and Shaped Like a Gun. It's good to have friends.

Oh yeah... one more thing:

Juli is going to be in the next edition of Sports Illustrated. No kidding. It hits the newsrack on Friday (the 28th). It's kind of a long story. You can read all about it here.

That's the news.

We love you.

The Genital Gang

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