Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Yeah.. so...

We're spreading ourselves thin this month. We know.

It's a sort of experiment in exhaustion, karma, and giving back. "Just say Yes" is the Genital's theme for December. Does this result in lower "draws" to shows... hell yeah. Who cares? We're going to be the most seasoned and practiced One Year Old band come the New Year that Highland Park has ever SEEN! (huzzah for small victories)

We're playing all sorts of sweet gigs this holiday season: our local coffee shop, solo & duet sets from various members, a big, free all ages show in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, a Christmas Eve Party, complete with Classic Christmas Covers. It's a good life, and the perfect way for us to end the year. Hootin' up a Storm! Howling at the Elements! Raising hell and making sweet, sweet love with our windpipes and strings. We're diggin' it.

We're still working hard on the "official" album release. We're just too excited to hold back, so we've got an advance release circulating... however, we got more songs on the grill, that just ain't quite been mixed and seasoned yet. Soon. Very soon. Expect to see a fine and fancy Evan-barcode, Evan-label, and actual credits for all the folks that made it possible (like Jeff Donovan.... who's playing jazz, this weekend. click for details)

So yeah... we're spreading ourselves thin. Fuck it. We're young. We're coming up on our 1 year anniversary. We're feeling frisky and blessed and running wild. Till the wheels fall off, ya'll. You know the drill.


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