Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Greetings Everyone.

The Evangenitals would like to wish you all some very
happy holly jollies this holiday season.

To show and share our boundless joy, we will be
playing a free show at the Equator Coffee Shop in Old
Town Pasadena this Wednesday, December 29th, at 9pm

We will be playing for approximately an hour and
possibly and hour and a half. We will play requests.
We will be bringing the Salad to accompany on drums.
There will be Unicron T-Shirts and CD's available.
Julio's Mom will be there.

We will play our hearts out in a glorious celebration
of the year 2004 (the year which marked the birth of
the Evangenitals, among other things of varying
importance) and extend welcoming salutations to the
year 2005 which promises non-stop giggles, rainbows,
cookies and sky-skittles* to all who attend.
(*individual results may vary)

The simple version:

The Evangenitals are playing a RARE all-ages show for
FREE on Wednesday, December 29th at 9pm. Please come.


The Equator Coffee Shop
22 Mills Place
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 564-8656

Hope to see you there.

Sweet Sweet Holiday Love Sauce,
Juli Crockett, Lisa Dee, Brett Lyda, Jeff Jones

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