Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Holy Shitballs, folks. We are moving on up, my friends...

At the last El Cid show, freakin' Dwight Yoakam's long-time drummer Jeff Donovan backed us up on Fuzzard's full-size drum kit. Lucky, lucky us. I felt like there was a freight train driving at my back... and it was fucking awesome.

How'd we get so lucky? Jeff Donovan just happens to be a friend and neighbor of our dubious and dastardly bass player Jeff Jones (who doesn't have a computator and is therefore endlessly mussed with, by us, without knowing a dang thing about it).

Donovan wasn't busy that night, so he jumped on board to lay down some serious backbone on Never Again, Gasoline, and our dark and oceanic pirate cover of Ween's Cold Blows the Wind.

The set was dope. The crowd was fly. The Evangenitals were in the groove. So much love all over the place. Ridiculously good times. I was wearing an Evangenitals t-shirt and no shoes, feeling like I was right at home in a REAL band.

Addi (the balloon guy) joined us for our standard pre-show dinner of Mahi-Mahi with a side of organic brown rice and cuban black beans and was amazed to discover that the 'genitals are all actually friends who enjoy each other's company. It's pretty surreal. We all work together in a rather untraditional office-space, we all live together in the Echo Street complex in Highland Park, California, USA.

Highland Parque -- lovingly called the "HP" by those in the know -- as the neighborhood itself emits a Higher Power Spirit Vibe that has the ability to save souls and soothe savage peoples. It also has 3 tacos for a dollar joints, a $4 movie theater, a secret lake up in the hills, the Southwest Museum (LA's oldest museum, which could always use your support), and the infamous Mr T's Bowl.

The greatest place on earth. Just for today. Come on down.

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