Monday, June 21, 2004

well, julio is back from school-time in switzerland, and the pictures are just starting to make their way online!

the school was great, the mountains were lovely, the water was fresh and the air was clean. she didn't talk on the phone for a month. she read nietzsche and studied deleuze with manuel delanda. freud with sam webber. film with claude lanzmann, claire denis, and the guy that made the Tin Drum. she met jean baudrillard, and called him a nostalgic old poot.

julio also happened to meet the irish writer-man Colum McCann up there in the mountains, and the feller impressed her so much she wrote an anthem about the guy. he took some pictures of julio and her guitar. she organized a few hoe-downs and hootenannys up there in the hills, and spread the good evangenitals feeling all over that neutral land.

we got a whole heap of shows coming up, and a bunch of new swiss alps-inspired songs.

listen for it at the El Cid gig on July 5th. it's gonna be a good'un. we're playing with Fuzzard, Las Panchas, Eric Layer, Linister and Addi Somekh (the balloon guy).

get ready for the next dose, folks. it's good to be back home.

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