Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What can WE do for YOU???

I know it may seem that we're continually asking YOU for stuff: come to our shows, listen to our music, join our fan pages, tell your friends about us... and now, just GIVE us money to help us get to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland this August!! So we thought we'd ask...

What can WE do for YOU?? What do you WANT from US?!?!

Prizes and Rewards?

Over on our Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign, we can create any reward we want... or rather, that YOUKickstarter project page, and I'll see if we can make it happen! want. So, what's holding you back? What would you like to receive for your donation to the Quixotic cause? Just let me know by responding to this email or commenting on the

Check out the current prizes and donate safely through Amazon, here:

Promote Your Business at the World's Largest Arts Festival!

In yet another effort to diversify our various fundraising schemes, the Evangenitals are creating our own GREEN souvenier programs & fliers for our on-the-streets and in-the-theaters promotions in Edinburgh and we're selling AD SPACE to organizations who would like to support our show and advertise to an international, arts-loving, tourist crowd.

If you or anyone you know has a business that may be interested in advertising to the estimated 2.6 million folks who come to the Fringe Fest (or at least the THOUSANDS that we will be giving fliers to), please send them this form:

Evan-Junk Removal?

On Saturday June 27th the Evangenitals and the Dawn of Quixote cast are having a GROUP YARD SALE to raise funds for our trip. This week the Evangenitals are offering free "junk" removal for our LA-area friends who would like to donate STUFF for our yard sale. We have cars and trucks and are willing to come pick up anything in decent condition that you may be willing to part with. :-)

And now.... some Upcoming Events!

Wednesday June 24th - 10pm

**Mayhem a Go Go**

Comedy, Burlesque, MAYHEM! w/ The Evangenitals and Mel Bain

@ Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach


Friday June 26th - 8pm

FRINGE FEST FUNDRAISER/ART-HOUSE PARTY! Featuring the music of Odious Ari, Henry Bermudez Trio, Cousin Junebug, Evangenitals, and Cactys Fire!

@ York Studios, Highland Park

$5-10 suggested donation, Broke? No worries! Come anyway!

Cheap booze!

Wild dancing!

Saturday June 27th - 8am


Right on Los Feliz Blvd, between Griffith Park Blvd & Riverside (south side of street, on Los Feliz & Arbolada) -- come buy our stuff! donate yours!

Thanks for helping a dream come true.

Much love,

Juli & the Evangenitals

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