Saturday, December 06, 2008

Henry Bermudez: The Sweat Chronicles

Evangenitals lead guitarist Henry Bermudez is a WORKING MAN. When he steps on the stage to play guitar, he gives it all he's got. And then some. And he sweats. Seriously. The man SWEATS; hot beads of pure passion and sonic steam. It's a spectacle of hydrological transformation that never fails to amaze me. I've seen the guy play with 3 bands in the same night, in a row, and every set he's soaking wet. Freshly wet. It seems he's ALWAYS got more sweat to give. It's incredible.

So, I thought I'd present the following pictorial as proof of this pheromone phenomenon, and as a tribute to this phenomenal guitar player. Ladies and Gentlemen, Henry Bermudez!

Image 1:
Note the un-sweaty shirt. This is clearly the beginning of the show.

Image 2:
The smallest of spots are starting to show. Check out those mallets David Hurlin's got!

Image 3:
Note the pronounced center sweat spot, and the beginning of the "wild hair" syndrome.

Image 4:
Wild Hair is officially on the loose. Hurlin and Lubow are focused on the business at hand.

Image 5:
Note the body and bounce of the dark locks; the hair is not yet completely drenched. The shirt, however, is a different story.

Image 6:
Now the hair is both wet AND wild.

Image 7:
Final stages of a full-on soggy frenzy. Glory be!

So, let's all raise a glass of cool, precious bodily fluid-replenishing water to this fine young man who brings so much mojo to the art-country hillbilly love punk rock revolution good time gang known as The Evangenitals. Hip hip, hooray!

And be sure to give him a big sloppy hug after the next show. It's quite the experience. :-)

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