Friday, November 14, 2008

An Evangenitals Survey: Booking for Love in All the Right Places


In order to serve YOU, our dear musical connoisseur, in the BEST possible way, we are asking that you take part in this brief survey.

YOUR ANSWERS could truly help us to determine our FUTURE... and that's pretty cool. :-)

1. What are your favorite venues, in your town and/or in the world at large, that you would LOVE to see the Evangenitals PERFORMING at? (Think big! Think weird! Think sideways!)

2. What other bands/acts (local, regional, national) would you THRILL to see the Evangenitals playing WITH and/or opening FOR? (Reveal to us your eclectic tastes!)

3. How on EARTH would you describe the SOUND and/or GENRE of the Evangenitals to another human?** In a sentence. (I'm really excited about this one!)

** Need a sonic refresher? You can preview the Evangenitals albums here:

We'll leave it at that for now, as I don't want to overwhelm you with questions. You can expect to be getting some more short surveys like this one in the near future, though, as we have some other tricks up our sleeves... like a new website to design! :-)

I would also like to remind you that I, Juli Crockett, lead singer & songwriter for the Evangenitals, am a REAL GIRL and it is truly I, Juli Crockett, who writes these emails to YOU, dear heart, and I really do CARE about HOW you're doing, WHAT you're THINKING and FEELING, and would LOVE to hear your opinions on ALL THINGS related to the Evangenitals, and even things that are NOT related to the Evangenitals.

I love you. Seriously. And I'd like to keep in touch. So reach out and tickle the keyboard. I am here for you.

Much Love,
Juli & the Evangenitals

Next Show:
Sunday November 16th
O'Briens Irish Pub
2941 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
w/ Fat, Drunk, and Ugly

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