Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm going to try to keep this simple, as there's no way for me to keep it very short cuz this is likely one of the BUSIEST weeks in Evangenitals history! We hope you can share some of it with us. :-)

Here's the dill, pickles:

Tuesday September 30th
Evangenitals @ Mr T's Bowl
5621 1/2 N Fiqueroa
Los Angeles, California 90042
(w/ Andrea Baker on Fiddle!)
9pm. 21 & up. Free!

Thursday October 2nd
Evangenitals & Improv @ studio (experiment)
5029 York Blvd (on York between Ave 50 & 51)
Los Angeles, California 90042
9pm. All Ages. $3 donation (if you're in the giving mood)

Friday October 3rd
Evangenitals IN STORE PERFORMANCE @ Rhino Records in Claremont, CA! 7pm. All ages. Free!
Rhino Records
235 Yale Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

Saturday October 4th
The Evangenitals CLOSE OUT the Eagle Rock Music Festival!!!
11:25pm. EMERGING STAGE. Free!
Shearin and Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA

Sunday October 5th
The Evangenitals are closing out the week by playing a Barack Obama Fundraiser in Mt Washington!

Whew! That's gonna be quite the whirlwind!

And for those of you who may be far from Los Angeles, here's some cyberspace stuff to reach out and touch you with:

**Evangenitals drummer David Hurlin just started an AWESOME new music blog and posted a BRILLIANT performance art/spoken word video on YouTube.
Check 'em out here:

**Evangenitals Henry Bermudez, Keith Lubow, and David Hurlin provided the live score for Juli Crockett's ponderous play "The Dawn of Quixote: Chapter The First" which was performed as a radio drama on KPFK. You can have a listen to this poetic meditation on Love, Idealism, and The Void here:

**And Juli started a VLOG. Oh dear Lord:

Love is burning in our collective heart for you. Just for YOU!

Juli & the Evangenitals

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