Sunday, July 27, 2008

We are testing out a new form TONIGHT at the Tre Stage in Hollywood - Improv and Evangenitals music TOGETHER. I'll be performing in both of them, I'm terrified, and I'd love for you to be there! :-)

First up in my Improv group Hammerspace at 9pm, perform long-form improv based on whatever suggestions and deep questions you give us. (

Then, at 10pm the Evangenitals will start to develop our new stage show BEFORE YOUR EYES in this theatrical and intimate setting! We will be taking audience suggestions as well, so bring your keen directorial instincts and help us shape the future of the Evangenitals!

Both of these artistic pursuits work better when there is actually an audience present, so I hope that you may be able to make time in your busy life to come and see our maiden voyage of this new combination!

It all happens TONIGHT - Sunday July 27th -
9pm Hammerspace
10pm Evangenitals


Tre Stage
1523 N LaBrea Ave (between Sunset & Hollywood on LaBrea, upstairs from the 'ol Lava Lounge)
Hollywood, CA 90028

(all proceeds go to the theater & the artists! keep art alive!)

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