Thursday, April 03, 2008

Evangenitals in Austin - The Photos

Evangenitals in Austin
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I finally posted some photos from our recent trip to Austin and SXSW on Flickr. Huzzah! Video is coming soon, as our friend Chris Haro has been chopping away at clips from Izzy Cox's performance (check out YouTube, he's put about 6 different videos of her performance up so far), next he'll be putting up the Henry Bermudez solo set, and then the Evangenitals.

Unfortunately, he ran out of battery power and didn't get the Artichoke and Clock Hands Strangle sets on tape. Oh well... they shall live on in my memory, and any of y'all who live in Los Angeles can check out Artichoke on April 19th at Molly Malones!

All in all, the trip to Austin was a much needed spiritual journey into a very musical land and I can't wait to hit the road with this crew again.


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