Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm working on a new bio for the Evangenitals. It has been awhile since we changed it up, and I'm trying to create something that will grab people's attention from the start, so I'm trottin' out the 'ol boxing tales.

What do you think?

The Evangenitals

Formed in December of 2003 by Juli Crockett in the wake of an injury-aborted pro boxing career (3-0, two KOs in the 135 lb. lightweight division), L.A.’s Evangenitals provide certain proof that, in creative matters, the shortest distance between two points isn’t necessarily a straight line. As the group’s principal songwriter and lead vocalist, Juli’s exhaustive performing schedule has coincided with her attentions to ongoing careers as a playwright, stage director, improv artist, ordained minister, and a PhD student in philosophy. She is also rumored to be the inspiration for Hillary Swank's character in the Oscar-winning feature film "Million Dollar Baby" (as reported in Sports Illustrated) and even scored her own page on Wikipedia!

As Juli's pro boxing career ended due to injuries during training, she started writing songs and collaborating musically with good friends Lisa Dee (a classically trained Opera singer) and Brett Lyda (lead guitarist) who all worked at the same sex toy company (ala the Sex Pistols) and shared her leanings toward the style of “urban hillbilly truck-stop lullabies” that have become the group’s signature sound. After a couple years of developing an extended family of fill-ins on the drums, the band finally found their skin-beating soul mate in George Bernardo (who has gigged with the likes of Bad Company, Chuck Berry, and Bo Diddley).

The music is tuneful, steeped in irresistible vocal harmonies and shimmering guitar arpeggios. The tempo of the songs veers from quietly introspective to balls-out raucousness in the blink of an eye. The overall timbre of the voices—Lisa’s trained soprano, Brett’s steady tenor and, in the lead, Juli’s heartbreakingly vulnerable, almost tentative contralto, lends a hypnotic quality to their performances. Lyrics are key: Juli’s meditations on love and sex and the meaning of the universe are witty, often outright funny, simply-put and as lean as a welterweight stepping down in class.

There’s an intimate magnetism about their performances that has, in remarkably short order, attracted a loyal following in the mercurial east-side Los Angeles music scene.

Just over 3 years since forming, the Evangenitals have recorded their first indie collection, "We Are The Evangenitals" and released their sophomore LP “Everlovin” in the fall of 2007.

What Some Folks Say:

"Some days you go looking for the sky but oh lord it's a long walk upwards. Other days you stay down on the earth and find your Evangenitals. Get your tired heart wrung by the best new band since the last best new band ... and maybe the best band after them also." (Colum McCann – Award-winning author of "Dancer")

Have you ever met a retired professional boxer who is working on her Doctorate in Media and Communications, sings lead for an alt-country band, is a published playwright and theater director and works in a sex shop? No? Well then you should meet Juli Crockett. She has done it all and more." (Mike Gormley, Music Connection Magazine)

Gifted with a powerful voice, Crockett makes her distinctive mark as the anti-crooner. She sings with a deep clarity and is able to maintain an odd balance of folky sweetness and country music's signature yee-haw…. At first listen, her vocals call to mind other notable altos like Cher, Grace Slick, and flannel-clad lesbian grunge pop extraordinaire, Linda Perry. Crockett's sound is low, smooth and profound.” (Orphan Records Review)

"The Evangenitals... sound sort of like a cross between Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks and L'il Kim. I bought their album."
(Steve Almond, author of Candyfreak & Not That You Asked)

It is my firm belief that no band in Los Angeles gets more "room respect" (and deservedly so) than the Evangenitals. When these guys play, no one speaks or makes a sound. It's a true phenom.” (Michael Anderson - Stereo-9)

"Like the Dixie Chicks being beaten with their own guitars at the playful hands of the Violent Femmes." (Aaron James, Musician)

"3rd loudest audience applause in the 10 years I've been booking the Buccaneer." (Tim - Booker for The Buccaneer in Sierra Madre)

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