Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hey there!

It is I, Juli Crockett, lead singer of the Evangenitals, writing you after a relatively long web-absence that truly tested my mettle in these ultra-connected net-worked-webbed times.

I have been without internet capabilities for over a week, however, tonight all was made right again when the nice folks at the phone company finally turned the internet on in my new place. Yes! I said new place! 1/2 the rent and double the lovely... what more could a gal ask for?

Much has happened since I last wrote... our trip to Austin was amazing, I started playing an electric guitar, the Evangenitals played a fundraiser for the Open Fist Theater with Henry Bermudez on guitar and Joey Ninja on bass, I sang in a show with the super-groovy group Artichoke, my car broke down, I changed residence, and now... this Friday night Lisa Dee and I (aka Evangina) will BOTH be joining Artichoke at La Casa Blue in Highland Park -- demonstrating our backup vocalization skills, our tambourine skills, our whirling tubes skills, and some other tricks-o-the-trade.

Here's the info and lineup for that:

friday @ 9:30
la casa blue
5930 york blvd
highland park, ca 90042
free, all ages!
(alcohol with i.d.)

8:30 braille
9:30 artichoke
10:30 box violet
11:30 bright million

Now, Artichoke will be going on at 9:30 sharp because I have ANOTHER show (Improvin', not Rockin') at the iO WEST in Hollywood with my new Improv team Hammerspace. You're welcome to check that out too, if you're into that kind of stuff. It's free. It's at 11pm. We're occasionally funny. :-)

So that's the news. Look for some Evangenitals shows coming soon in the LA area, a possible West Coast mini-tour in May, and more miracles unfolding than you can imagine.

Juli & the Genitals

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