Monday, February 18, 2008


Who would have guessed that "Hello" would be the run-away mini-hit from the new Everlovin album? Patrick, that's who! It was always one of his favorite songs on the album, and it looks like that's the track that is proving to have maximum cross-over appeal.

Thanks be to Addi's balloonhat video for putting it all into perspective and into the public consciousness!

Due to popular demand, I have just added "Hello" to our songs on Myspace. Woo-hoo! Now folks can hear it whenever they like and add it to their profiles and stuff.

The message of the music... DON'T FORGET TO LOVE YOURSELF, PEOPLE!

You can grab the tune here:

In other news, I just entered us into some College Music Contest in which we could win some money and some great opportunities, so please VOTE FOR US!


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