Thursday, January 10, 2008

The ladies of the Evangenitals (known as Evangina) are going to be
playing a sweet set of slow punk-rock covers, original love songs, and
even some Evangenitals covers (???) at the Hyperion Tavern TONIGHT
when Tequila Mockingbird's "Club Fluffer" takes over this new
Hollywood Hipster Hotspot.

The evening starts at 9pm, Evangina plays at 10pm, and the whole
she-bang is FREE.

You may remember the Hyperion Tavern as "Cuffs" -- the 'ol gay bar it
used to be. No worries, some of the old history is still there --
namely the "slave toilet" and the "glory hole" so do come check out
these lovely bits of Silverlake legend!

Some awesome bands are playing:
Madame Pamita:
Alvin & Lucile:
Ukelear Winter:

Award-winning animator Nirvan Mullick will be showing some short

And Evangina will melt your hearts:

Sounds like a good Thursday night, eh?

The Hyperion Tavern is located at:
1941 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Hope to see you there!

Juli & Lisa

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