Sunday, October 07, 2007

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Day One: Road to Oprah Tour

The mission was to conquer our own town first. The plan: hit the set of Stephen Nemeth's new movie (a Phillip K Dick novel that Ptryxxx has actually been cast as a featured extra in!) then off to Hollywood Blvd, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach for the sunset.

We made it as far as Hollywood Blvd, where Darth Vader leaped into the Road to Oprah bio-bus just as an electrical fire broke out, causing lots of stink and smoke, melting the wires, and making the bus immovable from the curb in front of the legendary Chinese Theater. Not a bad place for a film crew to break down!

We made the best of it, called a giant tow-truck/flat bed, and had the truck towed of to Chuy's (our awesome electricians) and waited for news. The bright side of it was that we got some great footage of costumed characters, skateboard tricks on top of the bus, an awesome street band, and other goodness that you'll soon be able to see on YouTube.

Right now we're crossing the Hoover Dam after driving to Vegas late last night, getting kicked out of a parking lot this morning, and meeting new producers at a grocery store in Boulder City. At the Hoover Dam inspection checkpoint, Officer Rivera of Homeland Security became the newest producer of The 1 Second Film. Awesomeness!

We're now headed through the desert and on to the Grand Canyon!

More news soon. In the meantime, check out the new photosets on Flickr and videos on YouTube!

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