Monday, June 18, 2007

Dearest Friends of the Evangenitals,

This Saturday night, from 9pm to 2am, the Evangenitals are hosting a concert/party/fundraiser @ Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park for The 1 Second Film's "Road Trip to Oprah". It's only $5 at the door, and there's so many great bands playing the joint might just explode from all the seething talent.

Just check out this radical flier by Patrick Ian Moore!

If you haven't heard yet, the "Road to Oprah" is a sure-to-be-legendary adventure in which the Evangenitals (traveling as The Love Punks) will be joining The 1 Second Film's documentary crew on a 45-day bio-diesel journey across America. We leave L.A. mid-September and will be visiting San Fran, New Orleans, Miami, NY, and many other cities along the way, stopping at universities and house parties to present the 1 Second Film project and perform sweet, sweet music whilst composing an on-the-road companion album for the film.

The trip will end in Chicago, where we hope to ask Oprah for $1 to help produce The 1 Second Film. We will be fundraising over the summer to make the trip a reality, starting this Saturday @ Mr. T's Bowl. So, in effect, by supporting the 1 Second Film, you can help the Evangenitals to get on Oprah... or at least get a whole lot of exposure on the Road to the Big O!

Here's the Lineup:
Vermouth (9pm)
The Evangenitals (10pm)
The Natural Disasters (11pm)
Cousin Junebug (11:45pm)
Ollin (12:30am)
8 Bit (1:15am)

All going down on
Saturday, June 23rd
Mr. T's Bowl
5621 1/2 FIGUEROA ST
Highland Park, CA 90041

$5 at the door. Proceeds from the party will benefit our Road Trip. The door money can also be put toward your producer credit. That's right, come to the show on Saturday night, and you are officially a Hollywood Movie Producer. No kidding. The 1 Second Film is even on IMDB. Kevin Bacon's a producer. You could be 1 degree from Kevin Bacon! How's that for a way to spend your Saturday evening?

We need to raise $11K ASAP to buy an old school bus so we can convert it to bio-diesel and ready it for the trip. This Saturday will be a fun start.

Hope you can make it, and please pass this on to folks who give a damn.

All my nuggets,
Juli of the Genitals


Can't make it? Live in New York? Too late to grab a plane from England? Fear of crowds?
You can chip in $1 or more online: (If already a producer, please login first.)

More Parties! More Parties!
If anyone wants to organize or perform at another L.A. fundraiser for us over the summer, lets do it! Send us an email or message the Road to Oprah Myspace page:
Volunteers Needed!
If any of you want to hang out, help paint banners, fix up our bus, design fliers, etc. please let us know. It's gonna be like the musical montage from Breakin 2.

Suggest a Stop
Check out the map and tentative schedule at If you know folks/college students/venues along the way who might like to host us or help organize a presentation and party, please connect us. Or maybe you know an awesome hole-in-the-wall restaurant or some eccentric secret place we should stop at. Let us know and we'll work it into the bus schedule if we can.

Hello Sponsors!
If you know someone who might like to sponsor The 1 Second Film's Road to Oprah, we will be hand painting sponsor names/logos on our bus, plus featuring sponsors on our website, at parties along the way, and in our documentary. Sponsorship packages are tax-deductible and start at just $1K. Have Sponsors contact us if interested.

Do you MySpace?
Please befriend us and put these in your top 8 for the summer:

This is the beginning of a great adventure, and we're going to need every ounce of love and support that you can spare. We believe that the 1 Second Film can bring people together and change the world, and the Evangenitals are going to be the theme music for the revolution. And yes, it will be televised.

All our lovin'
Juli, Brettsky, Lisa, Georgie, Chesney, etc
The Evangenitals
aka The Love Punks

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