Friday, March 02, 2007

Holy Moly! Tony Gower is BACK!

Just look at this friggin' swank-ass club we are playing at on Wednesday March 14th!!

This is The Bordello, and it is owned by Tony Gower, former owner of the Derby in Los Feliz. In other words, this is the *new* supreme swank locale in Los Angeles, and were going to christen the stage with Evangenital sweat on Wednesday March 14th at 10pm!

(click for more pics)

The Bordello is lush, sexy, beautiful... a must-see joint. It's also about to become our new home base in LA... so let's have ourselves a housewarming/welcome home Tony party!

The Evangenitals will be playing with the Sundowners and Vermouth, who both sound like swank ass bands, so check 'em out and come on down.

That's a lot of funk for $5.

Click here to RSVP for the show on Myspace!

Come and look pretty for the video cameras. This one is sure to be YouTube GOLD!

*BREAKING NEWS* Evangenital lead singer Miss Julio Crockett was spotted exiting Aardvarks in Hollywood last weekend with a floor length red gown. Witnesses at the scene reported that allegedly she was overheard saying to her "tall male companion" that the dress was for "some show" she is playing in March at "some swank ass joint". More reports coming soon.

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