Saturday, February 17, 2007

We just received a hot tip that The Evangenitals are being played on the radio waves over at Pasadena City College's PCC Radio! Ain't that something?

There are a couple other independent radio shows that we've popped up on, such as Dandelion Radio, KFJC. Heck, over on the Velvet Ropes Forum, we even got named as a highlight on the Dandelion Radio lineup:

Well now, that's an impressive playlist on Dandelion Radio.

I particularly liked Mel Gimpsuits' Sweating Like A Fat Factory Lass from their self released Send More Takeaways LP, and will definitely be trawling the interweb for aural delights from the likes of Masonic Boom and Evangenitals.

And Peter D likes us, too. Hooray!

We've heard rumors and reports of more radio play, and when the new album hits, we have a feeling that folks will be hearing a lot more of the Evangenitals on the Indie radio waves world-wide!

In the meantime, you can always hear us on Myspace, or even better, at a live show where the "full experience" is delivered with glee.


Mr. Zero said...

PCC Radio is the radio blog for http://www.popculturechaos, not Pasadena City College.

juli said...

Whoops. My bad.

Well, I think that's even COOLER! :-)