Monday, September 04, 2006

Good gracious, we're in the big leagues now. With the production of our new Super Mega Promo spot, which can be found all over the Intra-Web as of right now, we are now feeling the pressure of delivering the BIGGEST Big Love Revolution yet on September 11th at the Derby.

Lord help us let the show live up to the crazy hype of this WWF-style Monday Night Fights promo commercial that Brettsky whupped up for the show:

Listen to the Madness on the Monday Night Promo, Here.

You can also hear this bizzness on YouTube and comment, rate, pass & share it. It's on the Myspace page too, beautiful people.

Hook it up. Spread the word. We're bringing the love cannon to the Derby. The world needs it, and we need you.

Much Love,
Genital Julius

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