Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hello Sunshine.

This is, without a doubt, the most action-packed Evangenitals weekend
yet. So, I'll start with what I consider to be the most important

This Saturday. April 29th. 9pm Sharp. The Evangenitals are tearing
the roof off of Highland Grounds. Guaranteed.

Yes, I know that's some tough talk, and I CHALLENGE ye to come and
throw down with what we got in store for you.

The Evangenitals are on fire with new songs and the eye of the tiger,
our new drummer George is playing his GIANT kick drum, and new-daddy
Dave "Salad" Salardino is back on the Banjo and Mandolin.

That's 6 of us versus 1 of you. We're gonna hump your eardrums like
wild rabbits, buddy.

Best of all, it's just $5 w/ an EvanJunkie Card or Flier. That is, I
assure you, the best damn deal in town!

Here's the tempting morsels:

Flier that gets you in for just $5:

New Traxx to whet yer whistle:
Sun is Shining
Ode to Scientology

All the details are at

If you do nothing else this weekend, please do us at Highland Grounds.

Highland Grounds
742 North Highland Ave.
Hollywood, CA

$7/$5 w/ EvanJunkie Card or Flier

So, you can stop reading there. Or, if you're looking for more
action... we're here for you:

*At 1pm on Saturday April 29th at the 24th Street Theater you can see
ALL of the members of the Evangenitals participating in Juli's latest
dramatic magnum opus "Orpheus Crawling" composed by Jeremy Zuckerman and
featuring Shaughn Buchholz, Christine Berry, Lisa Dee, and Christopher

*At 7pm on Sunday April 30th you can see Juli participate in a Dead
Poet's Slam and Evangina (the ladies of the Evangenitals) perform at the
Mt Hollywood Underground Speakeasy

We love you.
Warts and All.

Juli, Lisa, Brett, Jones, Salad, and George.
The Evangenitals

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