Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Alright folks...
The Time Hath Come!

The Evangenitals are playing on a FRIDAY NIGHT!

October 15th - 11 o'clock sharp

@ the World Famous Derby
4500 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, California, USA

And we're taking requests!
Send us your favorite songs and dedications...
Let us know what you wanna hear...
we'll put 'em all together and serve 'em up just right!


We're thinking of this as a "Greatest Hits" show... celebrating the songs that got us in the pickle of playing the Derby at 11pm on a Friday night... so come bask in the warm glow of Genital love whilst we revisit the showtunes of yesteryear.

The Full Run of the Evening:
Cathy Rivers, 8pm
Sandy Chila, 9pm
Chromosome Tea, 10pm
Evangenitals, 11pm
Morcea, 12am

All for $8*

*Please be sure to tell 'em at the door that you're there to see the Evangenitals. Say it with pride and a fist to the sky.

We're bringing the Rug. We're bringing the Love.
We're bringing the Salad.*

Come Hither! Come Hear!

juli crockett, lisa dee, brett lyda, jeff jones
the evangenitals

(we love you already)

*dave salardino.drums.

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