Monday, August 16, 2004

what a weekend.... naked ladies and screaming and screening films at the art show. fuzzard, lectric, eagle and talon and us back at home at mr t's bowls on a saturday night. we played an all-request evening and the love was thick in the air. steve finally got to hear our ween cover. mayson got his dose of "fuck 'em all". arlo got his drunk that way. charity turned up with a right posse of good people. i think everybody came out of it happy. i know we did.

thanks to everyone who turned out and payed the surprise $3 cover. we thought the show was free. apologies for any inconvenience.

crazy shizz going down at Evangenitals headquarters.... we're about to hit the studio for a demo, there's gonna be t-shirts at the El Cid show, drummer Jeff Donovan will be joining us again, and there's talk of an exclusive old-school membership card to the Genitals Gang coming off the presses soon!

if you haven't checked out our Yahoo Group... julio's been uploading pictures in the Gallery section like mad. all sorts of weirdo stuff for your viewing pleasure. check it out.

we're building a crazy maze within the site, sending links to friends and extended family of the evangenitals. spreading the love. sowing the seeds. spreading the good goo. playing with our genitals. you know the drill. there's new photos and videos and all sorts of fun getting buried in the site. it's like we're reaching out and touching you with a cyber scavenger hunt. you never know what you're gonna find!

by the by... if you ever have any requests or suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know:

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