Thursday, March 11, 2004


On Sunday March 28th 2004 my friend Dan Paquin and his band Dirt Bike Annie are swinging through Los Angeles on their Left Coast tour and making a pit stop with the Evangenitals at our favorite local hot spot.... Mr T's Bowl.

Needless to say, we are excited as a bunny in heat about this one.

Last time I saw Dan and the Band were back in the It Ain't Easy Being Stupid days when we were but children in New York City. And we've all grown since those days, I assure you... oh, how we've grown.

The line-up for the night is red hot home-town action with the Evangenitals kicking off the evening, followed by UkeFink, our special guests DBA, and our part-time lover band: Killsonic.

This shit is gonna rock your socks.

Be there or be squared.

No excuses.

For the love of the Jesus, man... it's a FREE SHOW!

Come on, now. 9pm. March 28th. Mr T's Bowl. You can do it.



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