Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greetings, friends of the Evangenitals!

We have several supremely awesome bass players in our extended Evangenital family. The thing with supremely talented bass players is that they are also ridiculously BUSY. So, we're looking to bring some new talent into the fold, as we have a TON of shows and opportunities on the horizon that would sound ever-so-sweeter with delicious bass accompaniment.

Please check out the following "ad" for a bass player and pass it along to anyone that may fit the bill!


Have you seen our Bassist?

Fun, eclectic, alt-country/freak folk/cow-punk Los Angeles-based band The Evangenitals ( are in search of a dedicated, talented, flexible and sweet bass player. By sweet we mean not only your mad bass skills; personality counts with us too! If you haven't heard of us, we are an up-and-coming alt-country/indie rock sensation, breaking boundaries and crossing musical borders. Influences include everything from Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson to Devo, Ween, Low, The Kinks, Beatles, and Captain Beefheart. We are seeking a bassist with an open mind and open heart who is gig-hungry, travel-ready, spiritually principled, loving, funny, and is open to lots of different musical genres. The Evangenitals have an extended family of part-time/full-time band members and we are in need of more bass players in our stable of fine steeds. Honesty, kindness and no heavy drugs please.

To get to know us better, please take a look at our website ( and Myspace page ( and see if you respond to our sounds. You can also check out some videos of the Evangenitals on YouTube here:

If you like what you see and hear, ask yourself the following questions:
Does your schedule allow for weekly rehearsals, as well as about 3 regular shows a month, with a couple more spontaneous shows thrown in? Are you available for not only rock gigs at local LA clubs, but ready to do live soundtrack for experimental theater, recording for indie movies, a few short tours a year, festivals, private parties, hipster weddings, and whatever else the abundant universe seems to throw at us? Are you ready to rumble?

Then heed the call and contact us!

Please send an introduction to you and your work either here on Myspace or at:

We'll check it out and set up an appointment to make some sweet music together!

Rev Juli & the Genitals

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