Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Holy Crap... The Evangenitals are going to be on Television!

You heard me right. On Television!

QTV, to be exact. At 9am, this Friday, October 28th. The show is called "Brunch" and we're the musical guests.

I'm not sure exactly how the cookie will crumble, as this has been a fly by the seat of our pants kind of affair, however, I do know that we will be in Halloween attire, playing two full length tunes during the hour and 1/2 program, groove-riding in an out of the commercial breaks (slipping in the leads to some of our dirtier numbers that were not approved for televised performance) and there are rumors of Jeff Jones bustin' out the thong once again, if the FCC will allow it.

Evangenital Brettsky, unfortunately, has to be in school that morning... so it's up to Juli, Lisa, Jones, and Salad to represent the magic of the Evangenitals for this, our first televised appearance. We shall do it, Brett! We shall transmit the joy!

Now, if you've got a request for a song or a shout out, you better send it our way pronto! No four letter words, but "suggestive" is alright, I'm told.

And guess what... it's a LIVE show, so you can even call in while we're there! You can call the show from 9am-10:30am Pacific time / 12pm-1:30pm Eastern. The phone number for the call-ins is 818-848-5008.

Information on how to watch us on Friday can be found here: *Subscription Information*

In other news, we're gearing down for the Lava Lounge show at Midnight on Thursday, November 3rd. Lately our shows have been getting mighty rockin' and rowdy, and we're gonna take it down about 11 notches for one night to revisit some of our mellow golden space bass harmonious low-ness. It's gonna be a late night lounge love fest, to be sure.

Tune in on Friday! Barrage the network with loving emails! See your darling Genitals on Television! Get happy!

Much love,
Juli, Lisa, Brett, Jones, and Salad.
The Evangenitals

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your gig on the Q Televison Network - the best glbt cable network, barnone!