Sunday, August 21, 2005

Anybody who is on Myspace... here's a project for ya!

If you're feeling feisty and even minutely motivated today... how about voting for the Evangenitals to go to Coachella next year? How about passing this on and telling your friends to tell their friends to pass it on a make a difference in the world:

here is the link, it is long and obnoxious so i embedded it under this text

Yes, we know, we'll never win, however, the effort will surely bring greater and broader name recognition, an increase in genital awareness (which is a good thing) and that glorious feeling of fighting for the underdog.

And did we mention the Evangenital Juli is an ordained minister with the god-given power to absolve sin? Hell yeah! And she'd be more than happy to do it for you if you'd help the Genitals get the good word out in the streets, so that we may follow that word, and bring the message to the people at large. To the large people. So dig it.

If you're NOT on Myspace yet, stop fighting and give up. They're taking over.
You can find us there at:
Evangina is on there too:
and the animated true tales of the Evangenitals band, EvangeniTales, is on there too:
And Juli and Lisa and Brett and Brett's music are all on there too...
but not Jeff Jones. Jeff Jones don't own no dang computator. You gotta be kidding.

So, please help. We'd really like to start touring soon. Make enough money to buy a van and do it the Willie Nelson way. Dear people, you could help that happen if you'd just tell a few friends about the Evangenitals. Pay it forward, pass it on, post a link, pebble in a pond, you know the drill.

We love you, even if you don't.
We thank you, even if you won't.

Juli, Lisa, Brett, and Jones
The Evangenitals

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