Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Well now.... here's the news:

*The Evangenitals are working on some new music for the sequel of Sean Sullivan's Ben: the angriest canary. More or less, we are hoping to be the Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem for the year 2005 and beyond. And we're hoping that some forward-think producer gives this project the shiny green light and we all go skipping the light fantastic onto ye olde televisor and can touch some lives with the happy mind-control medium.

*Our awesome import limited release Jeff Jones autographed CD "We Are The Evangenitals" has just been mailed off to the fine folks at CD Baby to be added to their online catalog and facilitate intra-web purchasing of this musical masterpiece. We're very excited. Expect linky buttons everywhere, and SOON!

*We're adding a couple more shows before Julio goes to Switzerland to fill her head with rubbish for a month at the PhD school in the Alps. Last time she was there, she came back with "Lisa's Song" and the break-up song "Time to go"... we're looking forward to what seeds some more travel with a small guitar and some mad philosophizing will sprout in her melon patch. Both Evangina and the Evangenitals will throw down some goodbye goodness before May 24th. Look for it.

*Julio's $5 Hippie Love Money Tree campaign has been working out swell. Many thanks and high-fives to all who have saved her from starvation, homelessness, and not getting that all-important plane-ticket to school! Please let the love flow, and any time any of you need a 5-spot, don't hesitate to ask. Activate the money tree, shake that trunk and watch the rain of co-operation trickle down.

*Did you know we had our own health food store? It's true! Check it out: http://evangenitals.wholefoodfarmacy.com/ Julio's sister turned us on to this place. The Personal Care section is our favorite. Julio's sister is quite the mountain hippie. Hell, she lives in a Yurt, she's hiked almost the entire Appalachian trail, and she eats raw foods and grows her own veggies. She is hippie. Hear her rawr.

We love you all.
Spread the good news.

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