Saturday, November 06, 2004

Feeling Down? Feeling Blue?
Hopeless? Helpless? Depressed?
Feeling Feisty? Feeling Free?
Feel like Coming and Screaming with Glee?

We're having a Love-In & We Need Your help!

This Thursday
November 11th 2004
at 10pm Sharp
Be a Part of

The Evangenitals' Special
Love, Healing, and Primal Screaming Workshop
The Derby
4500 Los Feliz Blvd
at the corner of Hillhurst & Los Feliz Blvd

Come join us in a demonstration of music, grace, and good humor as we attempt to transform the world-famous Derby into the spiritualized sing-along center of Los Angeles for one glorious hour.

Super-Special Offerings of the Evening Include:

*Words of Hope & Healing from
Her Most Holy Miss Mindy Chiu
*Primal Scream Therapy Group Exercises
bless'd, healing T-shirts to be given as gifts to the most zealous)
Evan-Unicron iron-on t-shirts
*BYOMC - bring your own magic carpet*
(*see Juli's personal appeal below)

and at last.... at last...

*the limited-edition first-press new-born Evangenitals Album!

*and now, a message from Rev. Dr. Juli Crockett,
singer and 1/2 size guitar player for The Evangenitals:

My Friends,
I have a vision. I have a dream. I have a suggestion.
It would please me beyond all comprehension and understanding if you would start bringing your own blankets, towels, mats, rugs, lawn chairs, meditation cushions, yoga balls, and any other lo-rider comfort seating device (aka magic carpet) to the next Evangenitals show. It's more than a show. It's a moment. A happening. A meeting of like-hearted homeboys & girls in search of the good vibe. Bring it with you. Find it here. Come on down to the front. Camp out, join in, sing along. Bask in the glow of the campfire-esque stage lights. Get closer to the Genitals.
We love you.

Live It. Be It.
Come n' Get It.

juli crockett, lisa dee, brett lyda, jeff jones
the evangenitals

more info:
or call: 323-251-9645

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