Friday, October 29, 2004

Well... it was nice at the top for a minute.

Gasoline has slipped from #1 to #3 over at Audio Street (and I still can't figure out how their rankings are determined) which puts us at, surprisingly enough, my favorite place... #3 World Wide!

Never Again is up to 4 stars at, which is pretty good, considering that we're currently filed under "Alternative", which is kinda true, but I think some of the folks who choose to review "Alternative" songs and then get "Evangenitals" are gettin' a little shook up by the experience.

Facing reviews is a strange new experience for us. Edifying, informative and painful... like a hairshirt on a sweaty, scourged martyr.
Thank you sir, may I have another.

On November 5th, we'll be moving to a newly created category on GarageBand called "Americana" which I think will suit us like a new pair of pants. A little snug, little scratchy, but exciting and snappy none the less.

In other news....

Tonight is the Halloween Party we're "hosting" over at the Derby. What does "hosting" mean? It means that Julio's workin' the door, Brett's dressing up and giving out weird prizes (compliments of our communal workplace) and we're gonna try to convince Jeff Jones to MC, or something like that.

Lisa Dee's other two bands, Las Panchas and Killsonic, are playing, along with the indubitable Robbie D and Timbaloo. It should be a nice, wild, make-up and mayhem kinda night.

Dress up and you might win an electric penis leash.
I ain't even kidding.

9pm. $5

at The Derby
4500 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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