Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The El Cid Show Freakin' ROCKED!!!!

We are so grateful to Michael Anderson over at Stereo-9 for putting these shows together. Much thanks and love goes out to that guy. He's a good man, and quite the mad dancer at the end of a long night.

El Cid is such a gorgeous location to play, we just feel lucky to be there every time. We'll be back there, hopefully in July, just as soon as Julio gets back from smarty-pants school in Switzerland. In the meantime, ya'll can get over there for dinner and the Flamenco show!

There was so much love in that room for the show it was overwhelming. Thanks to all of you who made the trip.... even the one's who came late. It's the thought that counts. Thanks for your time, your support, your energy. We really appreciate it.

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