Friday, April 23, 2004

I've been in a bit of a funk since my little buddy got stolen at the Fuzzard show on the 28th of May, 2004. That's right, some heartless bastard decided to steal a defenseless 1/2 sized child's guitar, right before our set. The show, however, had to go on... and I just borrowed Doc's full sized metal string plug-in and did the best I could.

Yesterday a brand new buddy came in the mail, thanks to the magic of the intra-web and Ebay, and we are back in action once again!

Brett and I went out on the town last night, all the way out west to the the Rainbow Room to catch Apeyga playing a rare acoustic set. Traffic sucked my ass, I hate Hollywood, etc etc and we got there in time to hear the last 4 bars of their final song. Human tornado that I am, I demanded an encore, and I got one. Good thing too... they rocked my socks! We're hoping to get them on the May 17th card at El Cid.

An unexpected treat of the evening was Foul Play. The front-man, Sam, has got to be legally insane. He's a performance artist, man. It's beyond music. It's an experience. Slightly scary, as is all newness. A novel experience. We've got their digits, and will be putting together a massive throw-down at Mr T's sometime soon. Real soon. Keep your ears out for it.

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